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PA- Fiscal Budget Analyst and Senior Fiscal/Budget Analyst, Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office

  • 1.  PA- Fiscal Budget Analyst and Senior Fiscal/Budget Analyst, Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office

    Posted 02-12-2019 11:40 AM
    ​​Employment Opportunity
    Fiscal/Budget Analyst and Senior Fiscal/Budget Analyst:
    Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office

    The Independent Fiscal Office is accepting applications for the position of fiscal/budget analyst or senior fiscal/budget analyst. The office is a non-partisan, independent agency that provides objective and timely analysis to the General Assembly and Commonwealth citizens regarding a wide range of fiscal, economic and budgetary issues. (See 71 Pa.C.S., Ch. 41 to read the statute creating the office.) The office's duties and functions are similar to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office at the federal level.
    The fiscal/budget analyst position has the following responsibilities: (1) compile, organize, analyze and forecast data relating to state tax revenues, expenditures and the economy; (2) apply economic concepts and statistical techniques to design and complete research on fiscal and economic issues; (3) prepare regular monthly reports on the state economy and tax revenues; and (4) draft text and prepare data tables and graphs for presentations and published analyses.
    Applicants should have the following skills and characteristics:
    • Possession of a bachelor's degree or higher with a major course of study in economics, finance, mathematics, statistics or related field that requires extensive quantitative analysis. Relevant work experience may substitute for a degree in one of the specified fields.
    • Ability to perform quantitative analysis and manipulate datasets. Knowledge of econometrics is a plus.
    • Ability to clearly and succinctly convey economic, statistical and financial concepts verbally and in writing in a manner that is appropriate for the intended audience.
    • Motivation to improve analytical methods and seek out new and unique data sources.
    • Ability to meet deadlines and manage time efficiently.
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel. Ability to use statistical software (e.g., SAS or Stata) is a plus.
    Applicants for the senior-level fiscal / budget analyst position should have the following additional skills and characteristics:
    • Ability to serve as a project leader to oversee budget-related research conducted by a team of fiscal analysts.
    • Willingness to develop expertise in multiple budget-related subject areas including taxation and revenue analysis, health and human services, public safety, economic and workforce development, education, and environment and natural resource management.
    • Ability to develop and provide training for junior-level fiscal analysts.
    Only applicants who meet these criteria will be considered for employment. For recent graduates who do not have work experience, overall GPA in relevant fields of study will be an important consideration. Interested applicants can find recent publications and presentations at the office website (www.ifo.state.pa.us). The office is located in downtown Harrisburg, approximately one block from the Capitol Complex. Compensation will be based on education, skills and experience. A comprehensive benefits package is also included.
    Applicants should submit a brief cover letter and resume to Robyn Toth (rtoth@ifo.state.pa.us). Please type the word 'Application' in the subject line. The office will contact qualified candidates regarding an interview to take place in Harrisburg or via telephone.

    Robyn Toth
    Office Manager
    Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office
    Harrisburg, PA