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MD - Director of Finance

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    Governed by Baltimore City Ordinance 18-111

    The Baltimore City Ordinance 18-111, Section 1(B) requires that all agency heads who report directly to the Mayor and any At-Will supervisory employees who report directly to the Mayor or to the Head of an Agency must be a resident and registered voter of the City of Baltimore throughout their term of office.  Section (B)(1) allows candidate(s) prior to appointment, the opportunity to sign a Declaration of Intent to become a city resident and registered voter within (6) months of the effective date of their appointment.


    Department Overview


    The Department of Finance is responsible for safeguarding the fiscal integrity of the City of Baltimore through the development and implementation of sound financial policies and practices. The City's Fiscal 2022 budget is $4.3 billion, consisting of a $3.8 billion operating budget and a $488 million capital budget. Operating through five Bureaus (Revenue Collection, Budget and Management Research, Accounting and Payroll Services, Purchases, and Treasury Management), the Office of Risk Management and an Administrative Division, the Department is responsible for the following major functions:

    • Billing and collecting all funds owed to the City;
    • Investing and managing the City's surplus cash and funds held in trust;
    • Allocating available funds and monitoring City expenditures via the budget process;
    • Disbursing funds for services and goods rendered to the City;
    • Accounting for and reporting all funds;
    • Managing the City's debt portfolio, including policy development, issuance and servicing;
    • Advising City agencies on risk management issues and in certain cases, obtaining and monitoring insurance policies;
    • Conducting City-wide safety and accident prevention programs;
    • Procuring supplies, services and equipment for most City agencies; and
    • Providing custom printing and graphics activity.

    The Position

    The Director of Finance (the "Director") serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the City of Baltimore. The Director is a top-level financial administrator and is directly responsible to the Mayor for oversight of budget preparation, planning and execution, management studies, accounting operations, purchasing operations, risk management, and the receipt and disbursements of all City funds. The Director oversees a revenue collection stream in excess of $3.3 billion and has a staff of approximately 300 full-time employees. The Director leads the Finance Department's executive management team and has considerable interface with all departments of the City by providing assistance on financial, procurement, investments, accounting, and related matters. The Director is responsible for formulating policy alternatives, developing goals and objectives, supervising staff, administering the annual budget, and directing the day-to-day financial operations of the City.

    Core Responsibilities

    Responsibilities of the Director of Finance include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Provides guidance in developing strategic and forward-thinking policies and procedures, programs, effective finance strategies in support of the City of Baltimore;
    • Provides thought and focused leadership by articulating needs and plans to the Mayor, the City Council of Baltimore and the Mayor's Executive Senior Leadership Team;
    • Assists in the planning, direction, and coordination of the financial activities of all City agencies;
    • Assists in the planning, supervision, and coordination of all activities of the various bureaus of the Department of Finance;
    • Appears before the Board of Estimates and the City Council, and presents and defends the recommendations of the Department of Finance on financial and related matters;
    • Confers with City officials regarding new financial best practices;
    • Implements effective Finance and Executive Business Plans in accordance with the Strategic vision of the Mayor and City Council; and
    • Plans, organizes and directs the City's financial plan under the provisions of the City Charter, City Municipal Code, Memoranda of Understanding, Administrative Policies, Federal, State and local laws, case law and regulations, to ensure compliance therewith.


    Ideal Candidate

    • Must have executive level experience in a large public or private organization, with a broad vision and understanding of finance, including all aspects of revenue collection, treasury functions, and public finance investment policies;
    • Demonstrate exceptional financial acumen combined with strong leadership and organizational talents;
    • Forward-thinking and have a vision for the development of strategies that will continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of the Department of Finance;
    • Possess the ability to command the respect of the Mayor, the City Council, the City-wide organization, and the public by projecting exceptional leadership qualities and financial management skills;
    • Impeccable personal integrity and unquestioned commitment to lead and manage a first-class organization;
    • Strategically oriented, self-assured individual with the ability to exercise a high degree of common sense and sound judgment;
    • Consistently assess and evaluate policies concerning revenue and collection methods and standards;
    • Be able to consistently communicate and implement the City's revenue and collection policies;
    • Be recognized as a manager with strong personal character and integrity;
    • Inspire staff through creativeness and entrepreneurial efforts;
    • Represent the Department of Finance as a showcase of contemporary efforts in the field of government finance and treasury management;
    • Be innovative and creative in proposing new revenue sources to deal with funding constraints;
    • Possess a comprehensive and diverse background in financial affairs, combined with strong analytical skills;
    • Assist with overseeing the preparation of the annual City-wide budget, including making forecasts on revenues, expenditures, and indebtedness. A record of accomplishment in both budget preparation and presentation with an eye towards innovation is strongly desired;
    • Demonstrate the ability to carefully analyze and monitor the financial practices of the City, and be comfortable with making strong recommendations to the Director of Finance on ways to improve the financial systems and processes of the City;
    • Be able to voice opinion candidly on all issues;
    • Strong managerial skills with a record of creating a positive work environment that is supportive of employees and allows for and helps employees grow in their positions through mentoring and professional development;
    • Strong commitment to teamwork and a record of working cooperatively with other managers on a City-wide basis; and
    • Outgoing, communicative style, and ability and flexibility to work with a variety of individuals at any level in the organization.


    Qualification Guidelines


    A Bachelor's degree in degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in accounting, finance, public administration, business administration, or a related field. A Master's degree is desirable.



    Minimum of ten (10) years of senior-level experience in directing activities in at least two of the following six areas; budget administration and analysis; management research and analysis; purchasing; accounting; the collection, management, and disbursement of funds; and supervisory responsibilities such as disciplining, evaluating performances, and recommending the hiring, firing, and promoting of others.


    Important Application Information

     To apply for this outstanding opportunity, please visit https://humanresources.baltimorecity.gov/employment. Please have your cover letter and resume ready to upload. This position will be opened until filled. Successful completion of a thorough background investigation prior to employment is required.


    Compensation and Benefits

    This career opportunity offers a comprehensive benefits package and a salary commensurate with experience.

    The City of Baltimore is an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging workforce diversity.


    The information contained herein does not constitute either an expressed or implied contract, and these provisions are subject to change without notice.

    Belinda Harris
    Senior Recruiter
    City of Baltimore
    Baltimore MD