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NY - Budget Fellow Vacancy #20-43

  • 1.  NY - Budget Fellow Vacancy #20-43

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    Vacancy Notice #20-43



    For more than 80 years, the New York State Division of the Budget has been the primary fiscal advisor to the Governor, developing, negotiating and implementing one of the largest government budgets in the country.  Encompassing criminal justice, economic development, education, energy, environment, healthcare, homeland security, housing, human services, mental health, transportation, and other public policy areas, work at the Division of the Budget is high-impact public service.  The Division is synonymous with challenge, opportunity, responsibility, and quality.

    We are located in Albany, which has grown over the past four centuries from a small Dutch settlement on the Hudson River to New York State's capital city in the heart of burgeoning Tech Valley. The State Capitol– the historic centerpiece of New York State – is home to the Budget Division.

    The Division's budget examination staff must be able to demonstrate clear thinking, strong writing, and insightful analysis, all in a fast-paced environment.   In developing, negotiating, and implementing the annual Executive Budget, budget examiners:

    • Analyze State agency fiscal operations.
    • Develop budgetary and policy recommendations.
    • Evaluate proposed legislation.
    • Negotiate with legislative staff.
    • Monitor revenue and expenditures.
    • Manage Federal, state and local government relations.


    The Division of the Budget (DOB) is seeking Budget Fellows to fill critical vacancies.  As part of the State's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the significant economic and fiscal impacts associated with it, DOB has a prominent and central role in planning, managing and supporting efforts including:

    • Managing, coordinating and maximizing the deployment of State and Federal resources provided to support COVID response, mitigation and recovery in a strategic manner.
    • Overseeing COVID vaccination distribution plans designed to engage the full force of all levels of government and industry partnerships to achieve immunization for the entire State population.
    • Analyzing and supporting fiscal policy recommendations associated with increased utilization of health and safety net programs, including a broad spectrum of Medicaid and mental health services, as a result of the pandemic's social and economic impact.
    • Coordinating and tracking emergency response activity related to COVID, including the procurement of essential supplies and equipment, emergency hospital capacity expansion, the use of resources to support statewide testing and tracing initiatives, and developing opportunities for local governments and employers to provide critical services to those in need.
    • Assisting in the development of programs aimed to Build Back Better.

    Work at DOB involves high-impact public service in a critical nexus of the policy arena.  Vacancies exist in multiple policy areas and specific duties will vary depending on portfolio of assignment, but typically involve:

    • Analysis of State operations, fiscal trends, legislation and policies
    • Development of budgetary and policy recommendations
    • Negotiation with legislative staff
    • Projecting, monitoring, and analyzing revenue and expenditures


    When filling budget examination positions, the Division looks for candidates who have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills as well as outstanding written and oral communication abilities.  College graduates new to New York State government may apply to join our ranks as Budget Fellows.  Experienced New York State government staff may be eligible for our Budget Examiner title series.

    Budget Fellow I: $48,858. A Bachelor's degree. Advances to Budget Fellow II after one (1) year of satisfactory service.

    Budget Fellow II: $53,500. A Master's degree in public administration, economics, business administration, public policy, public affairs or a closely related administrative or managerial field; or, a Bachelor's degree and two (2) years of professional work experience including one (1) year in a directly-related policy area or one (1) year in public administration. Advances to Budget Fellow III after one year of satisfactory service.

    Budget Fellow III:  $57,880. A Doctoral degree as specified for a Budget Fellow II; or a Master's degree as specified for Budget Fellow II and one (1) year of professional budgeting experience within a governmental jurisdiction; or, a Master's degree in any field and two (2) years of professional work experience including one (1) year in a directly-related policy area or in public administration; or, a Bachelor's degree and four (4) years of professional work experience including one (1) year in a directly-related policy area or in public administration. Eligible for annual salary increases based on performance.

    Experienced New York State government staff may be eligible for our Budget Examiner title series.


    HOW TO APPLY:     

    To be considered for this or future positions with the Budget Division, please complete the Online Employment Application. Applications are held in the Division's resume database for six months, after which candidates may reapply to be considered for future opportunities. When applying, please select "NASBO" in the "How did you hear?" section.

    If you have a disability and require assistance in applying for employment with the New York State Division of the Budget, or if you have any questions about working for the Division, please contact personnel@budget.ny.gov.

    Contact Info:

    Human Resources Office

    NYS Division of the Budget

    State Capitol

    Albany, NY 12224


    Human Resources Office
    New York State Division of the Budget
    Albany NY