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MO - Environmental Program Assistant/Analyst - 4FAC010

  • 1.  MO - Environmental Program Assistant/Analyst - 4FAC010

    Posted 03-13-2024 12:49 PM
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    We respect and embrace the experiences, knowledge and contributions of our team members. We strive for a culture of belonging and balance by upholding our values: Stewardship, Integrity, Collaboration, Respect and Innovation. We are passionate about Missouri, our role to preserve, protect and enhance our environment and we are committed to serving its' citizens. We believe our mission and vision serves a greater purpose and will be felt for generations to come.

    This position is with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Environmental Quality, Financial Assistance Center, and will be located at Lewis and Clark State Office Building, 1101 Riverside Drive, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101.

    • Coordinate closely with financial assistance recipients, engineering team members, regional planning agencies, and others to ensure projects proceed successfully to completion. Monitor progress of assigned projects, identify and resolve issues, and ensure projects progress successfully in a timely manner.
    • Communicate effectively and maintain positive working relationships with financial assistance recipients.
    • Review applications and assist with prioritization for funding through the Financial Assistance Center's annual planning process. Review and document work products to ensure compliance with funding requirements, including document submittal checklist, plans and specifications review, bid document review, executed contract review, user charge methodology and drinking water model use ordinance review, and other checklists as necessary for project management. Monitor the project budget to ensure appropriate funding availability and routinely update the schedule to ensure timely project progression. Maintain current master copy documents for Financial Assistance Center's files and project orientation meeting packets.
    • Meet with applicant to discuss funding requirements and project development. Attend pre-construction conferences when possible. Communicate frequently with applicant by phone, electronic correspondence, and in person, if able, as necessary throughout the course of the project to assist with fulfilling all grant and loan requirements. Attend city or council meetings, as necessary, to present pertinent information relevant to the success of the project to the community at large.
    • Coordinate and communicate frequently with Department colleagues, especially Compliance and Enforcement and Regional Office team members, regarding the project status of mutual interests.
    • Conduct marketing of the Financial Assistance Center's funding opportunities by working in a booth at conferences and assisting with workshops, webinars, and other training events.
    • Assist with maintaining standard operating procedures for the Financial Assistance Center's funding programs. Participate, as needed, in efficiency events and offer suggestions for improvements to streamline processes and maintain consistency throughout the program. Make recommendations for rule revisions according to the latest state and federal laws, regulations, and guidance. Assist in the rulemaking process, including tracking modifications to rules and rulemaking folders, and present as necessary to the Safe Drinking Water Commission.

    To be successful in this position, a candidate will need the following skills:

    • Principles of Finance: Knowledge of the basic principles, practices, and methods of financial management to include requisitions, apportionments, allotments, investments, fiscal management, activity reporting, and fiscal year guidelines.
    • Financial Management: Prepares, justifies, and/or administers the budget for program areas; plans, administers, and monitors expenditures to ensure cost-effective support of programs and policies; assesses financial condition of an organization.
    • Budget Administration: Knowledge of the principles and practices of budget administration and analysis; including preparing, justifying, reporting on, and executing the budget; and the relationships among program, budget, accounting, and reporting systems.
    • Oral Communication: Expresses information (for example, ideas or facts) to individuals or groups effectively, considering the audience and nature of the information (for example, technical, sensitive, controversial); makes clear and convincing oral presentations; listens to others, attends to nonverbal cues, and responds appropriately.

    Equivalent to those typically gained by:

    • Environmental Program Assistant – 0 to 1 year of relevant experience in environmental protection, environmental or ecological assessment, environmental public health programs, wastewater/public drinking water inspections, or environmental program planning and coordination. Substitutions may apply.
    • Environmental Program Analyst – 2 to 4 years of relevant experience in environmental protection, environmental or ecological assessment, environmental public health programs, wastewater/public drinking water inspections, or environmental program planning and coordination. Substitutions may apply.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Word and preferably Excel.
    • Exceptional communication and project management skills.
    • Basic knowledge of financial statements and able to perform statistical computations.
    • Ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply laws, policies, guidance, procedures, plans, and reports.
    • Ability to travel statewide.

    Lack of post-secondary education will not be used as the sole basis denying consideration to any applicant.

    Benefits & Work-life Balance

    Our benefits package and flexible 40-hour work week promotes the mental and physical health of you and your family as you work towards achieving your professional goals. Benefits include paid vacation and sick leave, paid life insurance, medical, dental, vision and prescription insurance. Learn more here.

    How we invest in you:

    • Exceptional professional development: mentoring from experienced professionals, cross-media training, career advancement opportunities, paid trainings and continuing education tuition assistance.
    • Support for professional registrations when required, through paid study materials, fees, study time, test time, exam fees and licensure renewal fees.

    The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Financial Assistance Center provides funding to communities for water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure. You will be part of a team of project managers, engineers, and administrative professionals dedicated to helping Missouri communities plan and fund infrastructure improvements that benefit the communities' health, economy, and overall well-being. Come join our great team today, where you will find many opportunities for professional growth while doing your part to protect the environment for future generations!

    Lauren Graessle at 573-751-2528, or Lauren.Graessle@dnr.mo.gov


    Aarick Roberto (DNR Recruiter), 573-522-1503 or Aarick.Roberto@dnr.mo.gov

    Apply Here: https://www.click2apply.net/WJVO6DT7lYq4ktVprtjExz