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CT - Budget Analyst - Connecticut Office of Policy and Management

  • 1.  CT - Budget Analyst - Connecticut Office of Policy and Management

    Posted 06-15-2022 01:56 PM
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    Leadership Associate (Confidential)

    Target Class: Budget Analyst

    Recruitment #220517-5989VR-001


    The State of Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management (OPM) is recruiting for multiple Leadership Associate (target class Budget Analyst) positions in the Budget and Financial Management Division. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a team of professionals responsible for budget and policy analysis on behalf of the Governor.

    OPM functions as the Governor's staff agency and plays a central role in state government, providing the information and analysis used to formulate public policy for the State and assisting State agencies and municipalities in implementing policy decisions on the Governor's behalf. OPM prepares the Governor's budget proposal and implements and monitors the execution of the budget as adopted by the General Assembly. Through intra-agency and inter-agency efforts, OPM strengthens and improves the delivery of services to the citizens of Connecticut and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of state government through integrated process and system improvements.
    OPM's Budget and Financial Management Division: 
    • Develops effective guidelines, procedures and automated tools that support the formulation and execution of state fiscal policy;
    • Provides analyses, evaluations and recommendations on all issues, including but not limited to policy, economic, labor relations, pensions and revenues, which impact the development and implementation of the State's financial and programmatic policies, and advises the Governor, Secretary of OPM, agency heads and the Legislature;
    • Implements the State's policies through development of a capital spending program that meets the statutory bonding cap, and executes and monitors that program through the State Bond Commission; and
    • Ensures compliance with applicable state laws, administrative policy, legislative intent and Judicial decisions as they relate to agency fiscal budgets; seeks efficiency and effectiveness of agency operations; undertakes in-depth analysis of agency current and future financial and programmatic needs and accomplishments.
    OPM budget analysts are expected and trained to become leading experts on the issues and departments within their section's portfolios. The positions will also directly support their assigned section director with special projects, requests for analysis, team coordination, and other specific needs as necessary.
    We are currently recruiting for two (2) vacancies, one (1) is a permanent position in our Health and Human Services Division and one (1) is in the Pandemic Funding Section that has been established through 2026 and may be extended as warranted.  
    We offer a competitive benefits package, excellent healthcare, generous leave policies, retirement plan, and more!  We also encourage a healthy work-life balance to all employees!


    This position performs a full range of financial analysis for state agencies or programs.  Major duties include:
    • Performs technical financial analysis work, assisting a specialist of higher grade in administering the State financial program for a group of State agencies or programs; 
    • Analyzes, reviews, and makes recommendations for the financial affairs of the agencies or programs assigned; 
    • Assists in the analysis and review of budget requests and options for assigned agencies or programs; 
    • Studies operations and needs, makes suggestions for modifications of financial proposals when appropriate; 
    • Assists in performing analytical work involving examination of budgetary controls, fiscal operations and purchasing functions; 
    • Monitors agency spending/revenue/capital programs during the fiscal year; 
    • Makes recommendations to the section director on the financial requests in terms of agency or program policy or objectives; 
    • Participates in review of state agencies fiscal management policies, procedures and systems; 
    • Prepares background data and conducts studies on various problems arising in connection with fiscal administration; 
    • Reviews requests for establishment of new positions, leases, and capital projects; 
    • Assists in reviewing state agency requests for Personal Service Agreements and Purchase Service Contracts; 
    • Prepares reports; 
    • Participates in on-going refinement of program budget development and the budget option process; 
    • Participates in conferences and legislative hearings regarding the financial requirements of assigned agencies and programs; 
    • Participates in negotiations with agencies for voluntary compliance with recommended changes; and
    • Performs related duties as required.


    Considerable oral and written communication skills; interpersonal skills; considerable ability to understand and apply state and federal laws, statutes and regulations; considerable ability to analyze and solve problems; considerable ability to effect and manage change; considerable ability to plan for and implement excellent customer service; considerable ability to learn a new knowledge base in functional area; considerable ability to learn and apply policy and procedure; managerial aptitude.


    Candidates must be able to meet the experience and training requirements of the designated class at the completion of the development program.


    The preferred candidate will have the following:
    • An advanced degree (e.g., Master's, PhD) in the field of public administration, public policy, economics, business administration, finance or a related discipline; 
    • Training or experience in quantitative or statistical analysis;
    • Experience with Microsoft Excel and/or Access, including manipulating data sets and advanced computational functions; 
    • Experience with federal funds administration and compliance; and
    • Training or experience in public budgeting.

    To learn more or apply, please visit the vacancy announcement.

    Tyler Tulloch
    Fiscal and Program Policy Section Director
    Connecticut Office of Policy & Management
    Hartford CT