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NY - Budget and Policy Analyst Health Unit #22-60

  • 1.  NY - Budget and Policy Analyst Health Unit #22-60

    Posted 09-01-2022 04:05 PM


    Health Budget and Policy Analyst

    Health Unit

    Vacancy Notice #22-60



    Advance your career in government finance, management and public policy at New York State Division of the Budget (DOB)! 


    All creative problem solvers and analytical thinkers are invited to apply to our Budget Fellow career track and help us make a difference in the lives of all New Yorkers!


    About Us:

    As an organization, we provide a critical link between government finance, policy and management, including developing, negotiating, and implementing one of the largest government budgets in the country.


    From our office in the New York State's historic Capitol building, in Albany, NY, we impact all areas of public policy, offering an array of opportunities, including the potential to:


    • Develop in-depth policy knowledge;
    • Participate in coordinative roles, including reviewing legislation and managing the State financial plan; and
    • Oversee State-led initiatives through efficient and effective performance management and procurement practices.


    Our Work:

    Work at DOB is high-impact public service, and Budget staff engage in a variety of work, including:


    • Analyzing operations, finances, and program performance
    • Developing budgetary and policy recommendations
    • Evaluating proposed legislation
    • Negotiating with legislative staff
    • Forecasting revenue and estimating expenditures, monitoring trends
    • Developing and implementing the Governor's initiatives
    • Monitoring and managing program and project performance


    Position Overview:

    The Health Unit oversees: the Medicaid Managed Care, Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care, Nursing Homes, New York State of Health Exchange, aspects of the Affordable Care Act, Minimum Wage, Supportive Housing, Home and Community Based Long-Term Care; the Medicaid State Global Cap, Federal Medicaid Spending, other State Agency Medicaid spending; non-Medicaid components of the Department of Health (DOH), the State Office of the Aging (SOFA) and the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) budgets and assists in budget Development and coordination, appropriations, and various other assignments involving different aspects of health care finance.


    Responsibilities of the Budget and Policy Analyst on the Health Team would include, but are not limited to:

    • Analyzing, developing, and defending budget/policy recommendations and their implementation towards the continuation of innovative and strategic health care reforms;
    • Coordinating various projects within the Division of the Budget (DOB) and among impacted agencies including: Local Grants Management, Not-for-Profit advisory groups, and the Interagency Task Forces;
    • Evaluating and participating in the development of programmatic and policy solutions aimed at addressing care and financing needs for vulnerable populations within the State;
    • Analyzing programmatic implications of legislation and developing related cost estimates, including timing of the effects on the Financial Plan; and
    • Working with staff from the Governor's Office, the Legislature, the Department of Health and other Units within DOB.


    A position in the Health Unit will also offer the Examiner a unique opportunity to conduct research and develop recommendations related to health care financing and the State's health care reform agenda.


    Qualifications & Salary:

    DOB seeks candidates who have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as outstanding written and oral communication abilities.  Most candidates join our team through the Budget Fellow career track, which does not require a civil service exam.  Starting salaries are based on education and experience:


    Budget Fellow I: Salary of $49,835. Requires a Bachelor's degree.


    Budget Fellow II: Salary of $54,570. Requires a Master's degree; OR, a Bachelor's degree and one year of relevant experience.


    Budget Fellow III: Salary of $59,038. Requires a Doctoral degree; OR, a Master's degree and one year of relevant experience; OR, a Bachelor's degree and two years of relevant experience; OR, a Bachelor's degree and three years of professional experience including one year of relevant experience.


    The incumbent should enjoy working with peers within a team environment, have an interest in health care finance and be able to: prepare, analyze, and effectively present fiscal information; communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing; manage multiple assignments; demonstrate initiative in formulating constructive recommendations on issues; and work proficiently with Microsoft Excel/Word. 


    HOW TO APPLY:     

    To be considered for positions with DOB, please complete the Online Employment Application.

    If you require assistance in applying for employment with the New York State Division of the Budget, or if you have any questions about working for the Division, please contact personnel@budget.ny.gov.


    Contact Info:

    Human Resources Office

    NYS Division of the Budget

    State Capitol

    Albany, NY 12224



    New York State Division of the Budget