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VA - Associate Director, Policy and Program Evaluation

  • 1.  VA - Associate Director, Policy and Program Evaluation

    Posted 05-03-2023 05:24 PM
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    Associate Director - Policy and Program Evaluation

    Virginia Department of Planning and Budget

    Agency No.:  122

    Recruit Ad Date:  May 2, 2023

    Application Closing Date:  May 26, 2023

    Position Number:  DPB00014

    Recruit Type:  General Public

    Job Title:  Policy and Planning Manager III

    Salary Range:  $120,000 - $155,000


    The Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) advises the Governor, the Governor's staff, and Cabinet Secretaries on fiscal, policy, program, and legislative issues involving state agencies.  DPB seeks a self-motivated, creative, and analytical individual to lead the agency's newly created Program Evaluation Unit. 

    The individual will be responsible for managing highly talented analysts in making recommendations to the DPB Director, Secretary of Finance and Governor to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing state agencies' programs, as well as identifying opportunities to reprogram resources to address state priorities.

    The individual will work collaboratively with the DPB Director, other DPB Associate Directors, Governor's Secretaries, other Governor's Office officials, and State Agency Heads to identify projects and services that need examination and evaluation. The individual will develop and maintain procedures and standards for research and analysis, prepare detailed work plans that identify specific concerns or questions that must be addressed, and identify the appropriate research methods and resources necessary to complete the plan. The individual will direct the research and analysis of assigned program evaluation projects, recognizing significant issues as they emerge and following them through to develop recommendations that will enhance program effectiveness and efficiency. The individual will communicate findings and recommendations through written reports and oral presentations.

    Applicants must have:

    • significant experience evaluating and analyzing agency programs and functions and recommending improvements to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements and program or policy objectives and to maximize efficiency and effectiveness;
    • significant knowledge of current principles, practices, and methodologies in analysis of government or business programs and functions, including statistical analysis and benchmarking as needed;
    • significant experience with and knowledge of program evaluation, project management, administrative, and financial management practices and methods needed to develop recommendations for governmental programs;
    • significant experience conducting both short- and long-term evaluation projects, including preparation of briefings and reports as required; and
    • significant experience interacting with state government officials (i.e., Governor, Governor's cabinet, university presidents, agency heads, General Assembly members). 

    Applicants must possess skills in using basic office software including the full suite of Microsoft Office products for use in developing analysis, recommendations, reports, and presentations.

    Applicants who apply should be able to demonstrate their ability to manage multiple priorities and projects with critical deadlines concurrently.  In addition to being a strong manager, leader, and motivator, applicants also should be capable of developing and writing original work products.  They must also be able to:  (1) demonstrate strong critical thinking, writing, communication, and editing skills; (2) review multiple work products; and (3) produce timely and quality work ready for publication or presentation to key state leaders.  The successful candidate must also be capable of teaching these same skills to staff.

    The successful candidate must possess the following:

    • Undergraduate degree in public policy, political science, public administration, government, finance, business administration, planning or related field; or, an equivalent combination of professional level training and experience in public administration, business administration, program evaluation, research methods, planning, or government; 
    • Understanding of the principles of program evaluation, project management, planning, policy analysis, and review processes.
    • Evidence of the ability to use automated software to prepare and present analysis such as with Microsoft Word and Excel or similar software; 
    • Evidence of the ability to communicate effectively with diverse individuals at various levels of a complex organization both orally and in writing to achieve continuous process and program improvement;
    • Evidence of the ability to handle multiple complex assignments simultaneously under aggressive deadlines;
    • Knowledge of the legislative process; and,
    • Demonstrated skills in providing direction and leadership to a team of analysts.

    Additionally, the following characteristics are preferred:

    • A master's degree in the financial or public policy fields, law degree, or Ph.D. in a related field
    • Significant experience managing or leading analyst teams or project teams.
    • Evidence of the ability to use additional analytical, statistical, database, and/or presentation software applications.

    Interviewed applicants may be given a work sample to complete just prior to the start of the interview process.

    To be considered for this position, the applicant must submit a completed application, along with a resume and a cover letter.  Failure to submit a completed application, resume, and cover letter will result in an applicant not being considered for the position.

    Application information can be found at:

    Virginia DPB - Employment Opportunities