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VA - Junior Policy and Program Analyst

  • 1.  VA - Junior Policy and Program Analyst

    Posted 05-03-2023 04:29 PM
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    Junior Policy and Program Analyst Recruitment

    Virginia Department of Planning and Budget

    Agency No.:  122

    Recruit Ad Date:  May 2, 2023

    Application Closing: May 26, 2023

    Position Number:  DPB00050

    Recruit Type:  General Public

    Role Title: Policy and Planning Specialist II, 19132 (Pay Band 5)

    Working Title:  Junior Policy and Program Analyst

    Salary Range:  $55,000


    The Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) advises the Governor, the Governor's staff, and cabinet secretaries on fiscal, policy, program, and legislative issues involving Virginia state agencies. DPB is seeking up to three entry level Program and Policy Analysts for its newly created Program Evaluation Unit.  The positions will work with DPB management and DPB budget divisions to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of existing state programs and develop recommendations to improve program and agency performance. 

    Initially, the analysts will be expected to assist with evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of agency programs and operations, identifying opportunities for efficiencies within agencies and programs, developing recommendations for high-level management review, and documenting and communicating recommendations and report conclusions.    

    The successful candidates will develop the skills and knowledge base to progress toward independently working on studies and documenting recommendations.  The new analysts will be paired with mentors to assist in gaining knowledge and experience that will be needed ultimately to work independently in this role.  Accordingly, the new analysts must work well within a team centered environment while being self-reliant. 

    The successful candidates will be able to think critically and effectively communicate creative recommendations, both orally and in writing.  Moreover, the candidates also will be able to develop in-depth analysis and provide rapid responses when necessary.  The successful candidates must also be able to multi-task effectively and be comfortable making recommendations with limited information.  The position is intended to provide the candidate with the opportunity to advance in the agency upon satisfactorily demonstrating the above knowledge, skills, and abilities and to continue advancing as these skills become more developed and refined.

    The successful candidate must possess the following:

    • Undergraduate degree in public policy, political science, public administration, government, finance, business administration, or planning or related field; or, an equivalent combination of professional level training and experience in public administration, business administration, program evaluation, research methods, planning, or government.
    • Understanding of the principles of budgeting, policy and program analysis, and financial management.
    • Evidence of the ability to use automated software to prepare and present analysis such as with Microsoft Word and Excel.
    • Evidence of the ability to communicate effectively with individuals at various levels of a complex organization both orally and in writing.
    • Evidence of the ability to handle multiple complex assignments simultaneously under aggressive deadlines.

    Additionally, the following characteristics are preferred:

    • Advanced degree such as a master's degree or Ph.D. in a related field
    • Evidence of the ability to use additional analytical, statistical, database, and/or presentation software applications.

    Applicants selected for an interview may be given a topic about which they will be asked to create a work sample demonstrating their analytical and communication skills as part of the interview process.  If utilized as part of the interview process, candidates should expect probing questions from panel members regarding the work sample during the interview process.

    To be considered for this position, the applicant must submit a completed application, along with a resume and a cover letter.  Failure to submit a completed application, resume, and cover letter will result in an applicant not being considered for the position.

    Application information can be found at:

    Virginia DPB - Employment Opportunities