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VA - Senior Budget & Policy Analyst

  • 1.  VA - Senior Budget & Policy Analyst

    Posted 09-25-2023 02:19 PM
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    Senior Budget & Policy Analyst

    Virginia Department of Planning and Budget  (www.dpb.virginia.gov)


    Agency No.:  122

    Recruit Ad Date:  September 25, 2023

    Application Closing:  October 20, 2023

    Working Title:  Senior Budget and Policy Analyst

    Salary Range:  $69,699 - $115,000


    The Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) advises the Governor, the Governor's staff, and cabinet secretaries on fiscal, policy, program, and legislative issues involving Virginia state agencies. 

    The responsibilities include: 1) working with DPB management to assist the Governor's Office, the Governor's cabinet, the General Assembly, and other state agencies when developing and executing the Commonwealth's budget; 2) developing and reviewing budget and policy information and making recommendations to high-ranking officials; 3) conducting detailed short- and long- range budget and policy analyses;  4) organizing strategic planning and related performance information; 5) reviewing complex legislation for fiscal and policy impact; and, 6) conducting special studies and program evaluation.

    The successful candidate will be self-reliant, self-motivated, and work well within a team-centered environment.  In addition, the successful candidate will be required to develop a thorough knowledge of assigned studies and agencies and to conduct a variety of oversight and review functions and perform analytical budget and policy reviews with limited supervision. The successful candidate is also expected to be proactive and creative in identifying opportunities to improve the administration, effectiveness, and efficiency of programs for assigned agencies. The successful candidate is expected to brief high-ranking officials on their analyses and findings.

    The successful candidate will be able to think critically and effectively communicate workable and creative recommendations, both orally and in writing. Moreover, the successful candidate will be able to work effectively with short deadlines. The successful candidate must also be comfortable making recommendations with limited information. The successful candidate is expected to provide a leadership role when called upon for special assignments. The successful candidate will develop and build trust and relationships with agency employees, management, and high-ranking officials.

    The successful candidate must possess the following:

    • Professional level training and experience in public administration, business administration, program evaluation, research methods, planning, or government. 
    • Considerable experience working in finance, policy analysis and formulation, and budgeting.
    • Experience with automated software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to prepare and present analyses. Intermediate-level skills in Microsoft Excel are required (e.g., pivot tables, formulas/functions, graphs) with the ability to assemble, analyze, and present large data sets.
    • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with individuals at various levels of a complex organization both orally and in writing.
    • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple complex assignments simultaneously under aggressive deadlines.
    • Demonstrated ability in conducting complex program evaluation and/or financial/budgetary analyses.
    • Experience working independently and as a team member, and the ability to work effectively in both capacities.
    • Demonstrated ability to anticipate and solve complex and dynamic problems and to articulate highly complex financial issues to various audiences.

    Additionally, the following characteristics are preferred:

    • Considerable experience in a state and/or local budget office. 
    • Considerable experience with conducting studies and program evaluation.

    Interviewed applicants may be given a work sample to complete just prior to the start of the interview process.

    To be considered for this position, the applicant must submit a completed application, along with a resume and a cover letter. Failure to submit a completed application, resume, and cover letter will result in an applicant not being considered for the position.

    Application information can be found at:

    Virginia DPB - Employment Opportunities

    (Please note:  You must apply through the links above as this position is posted on the website of the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management – www.dhrm.virginia.gov)


    The Virginia Department of Planning and Budget offers telework options to its employees to address work life balance issues.  The amount of and schedule for telework offered to employees varies depending upon the needs of our customers (Governor's office and Cabinet, state agencies, and General Assembly) and the amount of time that staff may need to be at the physical workspace to address these needs, and other external factors such as inclement weather or health concerns.  Typically, non-supervisory staff at the department telework two days per week.  All telework schedules must comply with state policy, which can be found at:  pol1_61.pdf (virginia.gov).