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NY - US & NYS Macroeconomist Economics and Revenue Unit #22-92

  • 1.  NY - US & NYS Macroeconomist Economics and Revenue Unit #22-92

    Posted 10-11-2022 09:17 AM
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    US & NYS Macroeconomist
    Economics and Revenue Unit
    Vacancy Notice #22-92

    Advance your career in government finance, management and public policy at New York State Division of the Budget (DOB)!  

    All creative problem solvers and analytical thinkers are invited to apply to our Budget Fellow career track and help us make a difference in the lives of all New Yorkers!

    About Us:

    As an organization, we provide a critical link between government finance, policy and management, including developing, negotiating, and implementing one of the largest government budgets in the country.

    From our office in the New York State's historic Capitol building, in Albany, NY, we impact all areas of public policy, offering an array of opportunities, including the potential to:

    • Develop in-depth policy knowledge;
    • Participate in coordinative roles, including reviewing legislation and managing the State financial plan; and
    • Oversee State-led initiatives through efficient and effective performance management and procurement practices.

    Our Work:

    Work at DOB is high-impact public service, and Budget staff engage in a variety of work, including:

    • Analyzing operations, finances, and program performance
    • Developing budgetary and policy recommendations
    • Evaluating proposed legislation
    • Negotiating with legislative staff
    • Forecasting revenue and estimating expenditures, monitoring trends
    • Developing and implementing the Governor's initiatives
    • Monitoring and managing program and project performance

    Position Overview: 

    The incumbent will assist the work of the Division's Economics and Revenue Unit under the direction of the Chief Budget Examiner and the Deputy Chief Budget Examiner. The incumbent will share responsibilities for economic forecasting for both the revenue and spending sides of the Executive Budget; quarterly financial and economic updates; tax and economic development policy analysis; fiscal and economic impact analysis of proposed and enacted legislation; and budget negotiations with legislative fiscal committee staffs. 

    Responsibilities of the US & NYS Macroeconomist would include, but are not limited to:

    • Providing policy advice and recommendations to the Chief Budget Examiner on programmatic, fiscal, and administrative issues; conducting research to identify economic and revenue trends that may have an impact on the State's long-term fiscal condition.
    • Providing research on the economic and business climate of the State and for use in developing the State Financial Plan.
    • Working cooperatively with the Revenue team, under the direction of the Chief Budget Examiner, to determine the immediate and long-range effects of decisions made by Executive policymakers related to State and local taxes on the economy, taxpayer behavior, and the State's fiscal condition.
    • Assisting the construction and maintenance of detailed macroeconomic models to forecast the U.S. and New York economies, including satellite models for hundreds of additional economic variables used in the forecasting of revenues; directing and reviewing forecasting results.
    • Assisting in policy evaluation research related to tax and economic development programs, including the construction of econometric and computer simulation models as required to perform such analysis.
    • Carrying out special assignments as directed by the Chief Budget Examiner including use of SAS/EVIEW/REMI to model and answer policy makers' questions related to the personal income tax, ACS data, and other database related questions and modeling.

    Qualifications & Salary:

    • PhD in economics and at least three years of economic forecasting experience. Proven experience in handling the most commonly used statistical packages, especially EViews, as well as experience in SAS programming. Knowledge of REMI/IMPLAN or other economic impact analytical tool is a plus.
    • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).
    • Candidates must demonstrate an ability to address changing priorities and provide expert fiscal policy advice and counsel in an ever-changing fiscal and political environment.
    • Salary range from $85,712 to $108,342.

    HOW TO APPLY:     

    To be considered for this or future positions with the Division of the Budget (DOB), please complete the Online Employment Application and select "Macroeconomist" on the Title Applying For page. Applications are held in the DOB's resume database for six months, after which candidates may reapply to be considered for future opportunities.

    If you require assistance in applying for employment with the New York State Division of the Budget, or if you have any questions about working for DOB, please contact personnel@budget.ny.gov.

    Contact Info:

    Human Resources Office
    NYS Division of the Budget
    State Capitol
    Albany, NY 12224

    Mary Groves
    Administrative Specialist Trainee 1
    New York State Division of the Budget
    Albany NY
    (518) 473-7035