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    The individual hired to fill this position will have access to Federal tax Information (FTI), as defined in IRS Publication 1075, and, as such, must undergo a national fingerprint background screening in accordance with the criteria set forth in regulation 220-RICR-40-00-2 (IRS Publication 1075 – Background Check Process and Criteria), available at https://rules.sos.ri.gov/regulations/part/220-40-00-2. Additionally, the individual is being hired to an E-Verify site which contains FTI and must have their employment eligibility validated through E-Verify.

    Class Definition

    GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: To oversee all phases of the financial administration of a large department including budgetary, expenditure control, financial planning and program evaluation; to develop, implement, oversee and be responsible for a financial planning and reporting system; and to do related work as required.

    : Works under administrative direction of a superior with wide latitude for the exercise of independent judgement and initiative; work is reviewed through consultation and review of submitted reports for conformance to laws, rules, regulations and policies.

    : Plans, organizes, supervises and reviews the work of professional, technical, clerical staff assigned to assist.

    Illustrative Examples of Work Performed
    • To oversee all phases of the financial administration of a large department including budgetary, expenditure control, financial planning and program evaluation.
    • To be responsible for evaluation of existing programs and to develop plans for their expansion, modification or elimination in view of changing needs and the availability of state and/or federal funds.
    • To be responsible for the overall supervision of the preparation and review of the departmental budget for central accounting, expenditure control and budgetary reports.
    • To be responsible for conducting cost analysis surveys of various departmental operations with recommendations for reducing costs.
    • To make recommendations on planning and developing systems in accordance with standards for effective administrative and fiscal management, including fiscal and staffing requirements.
    • To monitor variances to the departmental budge, analyze the cause (s) and implement necessary adjustments.
    • To develop, implement, oversee and be responsible for a financial reporting system including; the Development and implementation of an on-line system; the establishment of criteria for security and privacy requirements; the establishment of standards and specifications for hardware and software products; the assurance of compatibility, and cost effectiveness of the system; the evaluation of the effectiveness of the system.
    • To conduct special financial reviews for the verification of facts in cases where noncompliance with laws and/or regulations is in evidence.
    • To exercise overall supervision and direction of billings and reimbursements.
    • To evaluate management and methods procedures to insure their effectiveness and efficiency in attaining their objectives, and to recommend future plans and budget allocations based on this evaluation.
    • To do related work as required.

    Required Qualifications for Appointment

    KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A thorough knowledge of governmental accounting principles, procedures and practices; a thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of program development and fiscal management; the ability to incorporate practices of business administration and fiscal management in developing complex programs for funding and budgeting; the ability to evaluate existing programs and to develop plans for their expansion, modification, or elimination; a thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques involved in operating a financial reporting system; the ability to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation of the foregoing or related services; the ability to prepare and submit reports, studies and analyses relating to such services for use of a superior; the ability to establish effective working relationships with other governmental agencies, departments, and with private vendors; a thorough knowledge of computer hardware and software; a thorough knowledge of computer systems networking; and related capacities and abilities.


    Education: Such as may have been gained through: Possession of a Master’s Degree from a college of recognized standing with specialization in Accounting, Business Administration, Public Administration, or Certification as a Certified Public Accountant; and
    Experience: Such as may have been gained through: considerable employment in a highly responsible administrative position involving significant responsibility for governmental financial management.
    Or, any combination of education and experience that shall be substantially equivalent to the above education and experience.

    Supplemental Information

    To provide oversight and implementation of EOHHS’s federal funding, accounting and auditing functions in accordance with state and federal purchasing rules and regulations in addition to leveraging resources across the HHS agencies for streamlining finance.  Completes a wide variety of finance and budget activities. Maintains a high level of knowledge regarding federal and state finance rules and regulations.  Provides information, advice and guidance to management and program staff regarding finance and budget methods.  Provides oversight and implements financial processes and requirements. Coordinates with other areas of Finance including across HHS agencies for leading and project managing finance activities including subrecipient monitoring and auditing corrective action activities. Supports and initiates finance initiatives with the intent of the creation of EOHHS.  Uses software and applications to support and report on activities.

    The preferred candidate should have the following interpersonal & behavioral competencies:

    • Analytical thinking
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Attention to detail
    • Judgement
    • Time management
    • Communications (verbal, written, presentation, materials, unique approaches)
    • Developing and monitoring work and work processes
    • Assessment and problem solving
    • Analytical skills: reviewing data, what it means and what can be done to change the outcomes
    • Integrity & ethics

    Veronica Rendina
    Chief of Staff Development & Training
    Executive Office of Health & Human Services- State of RI
    Cranston RI