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CA - City Treasurer

  • 1.  CA - City Treasurer

    Posted 05-05-2022 03:50 PM

    JOB TITLE:  City Treasurer

    AGENCY:   City of Long Beach

    LOCATION:   Long Beach, CA

    FILING DEADLINE:  June 6, 2022

    SALARY RANGE:  $161,000 – $180,000 Annually


    The Position

    The City Treasurer is one of the top financial managers in Long Beach. Along with the Director of Financial Management/CFO, the Budget Manager and the City Controller, the City Treasurer helps guide and direct the City's finances. The City Treasurer oversees the Treasury Bureau and reports to the CFO. The scope and technical nature of the Treasury function continue to grow with the evolving securities regulatory environment and financial markets and the needs of the City to find new financing sources and to foster racial equity.


    Three Treasury Operations Officers and a shared secretary report to the City Treasurer. Each of the three Officers (essentially Assistant City Treasurers) is a specialist in their respective areas of municipal debt issuance and management, cash management and banking services, and portfolio investment and financial analysis.


    The City Treasurer investigates and analyzes projects and related financing proposals, then develops options, makes recommendations and directs appropriate financing structures for all City governmental and enterprise funds, departments, agencies and commissions; manages and directs the Trustee/Fiscal Agent on all bond financings; manages the relationships with and information flow to all rating agencies (Moody's, S&P Global Ratings and Fitch) on all debt issues; monitors debt issues for compliance with bond covenants and prepares continuing disclosure reports as required by law.


    Jointly with the Human Resources Department, the City Treasurer administers the City's deferred Compensation (457) Plan and the City's PARS retirement plan. The City Treasurer administers the bond and special assessment proceeds for Special Assessment Districts and Community Facilities Districts.


    Responsibilities and priorities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Develop a strategic Treasury role in planning the strategic debt profile for project financings and the City as a whole.
    • Improve ways in which Treasury can take up-front action to make recommendations and advise the City on the impacts of various financing issues. While not directly related to City debt, Treasury can identify new opportunities and provide recommendations on financial transactions.
    • Improve cash management by developing ways of tracking and projecting City liquidity and projecting cash available for investment in the short, medium, and long-term.
    • Thorough analysis of pension obligation bonds, determine if they are an appropriate solution for the City.
    • Conduct research, provide strategies, and lead bond issuance.
    • Stay current on the complexities of both the General Fund and the Tidelands Operating Fund debt and the burdens on the funds, including that caused by debt and potential debt to address the many issues. Collaborate on options and solutions.
    • Enhance the partnerships and coordination with other Financial Management Bureaus and City Departments where applicable.
    • Develop practical standards for internal borrowing to address short and medium-term needs.
    • Continue the identification of escheat funds and continue the process for best outcomes.
    • Cross-train each Assistant City Treasurer in the other two treasury specialty areas to help ensure operational continuity.


    The Ideal Candidate

    The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, professional, and driven to help the City make good financial decisions. A track record working in a collegial and collaborative high-volume business environment is required. The selected candidate will possess the ability to respond well to the many unique financial issues and situations that occur in Long Beach, some without warning. The ability to develop both innovative and standard solutions for consideration to new and evolving issues is important, as is providing mentorship, coaching, and skills development to staff. This position requires an effective collaborator, communicator, and solid interpersonal skills necessary to build strong business relationships with leadership, colleagues, and key stakeholders; providing partnership opportunities with interdepartmental managers, demonstrating excellent customer service, and communicating policy recommendations and complex financial issues to various audiences in a clear, concise, and direct manner. The successful candidate must be able to handle herself or himself well at live Council meetings whether in a pre-prepared presentation or under ad hoc questioning, including review of politically sensitive issues such as banking, financing, and/or community-oriented initiatives.


    The ideal candidate will have considerable management level experience in normal treasury operations, including debt, investments, and cash management; the ability to build consensus; and be a leader that recognizes the opportunity to help the City move in an exciting, new and prosperous direction.


    For more details about this opportunity, please visit the job brochure at:



    To be considered, please submit a resume, cover letter, and four professional references (who will not be contacted in the early stages of the recruitment) at: https://koffassociates.com/city-treasurer/.  


    Resumes should reflect years and months of positions held, as well as size of staff and budgets you have managed.


    For additional information, please contact:

    Frank Rojas at (510) 495-0448 or Email: frojas@koffassociates.com




    Carlo Zabala at: (510) 342-3233 or Email: czabala@koffassociates.com


    Website: https://koffassociates.com/


    The City of Long Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity at all levels. This information is available in an alternative format by request at the agency contact on the bulletin. If a special accommodation is desired, please contact the agency two (2) business days prior to the test, if applicable.


    Stephanie Fong
    Spin Recruitment Advertising